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Rihanna Refuses To Feel ‘Guilty’ That Chris Brown May Be Sent To Jail

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rihanaTalk about bad timing! Chris Brown has a court date on Rihanna’s birthday, Feb. 20, and if things don’t go well, he could end up behind bars on his ex’s special day! But RiRi wouldn’t feel the slightest bit ‘guilty’ if he did, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Rihanna is through feeling guilty about Chris Brown‘s legal troubles, and she feels his fate is solely in his own hands. She thinks “whatever happens is a result of him, not her,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Rihanna On Chris Brown In Jail On Her Birthday: Won’t Feel Guilty If It Happens

Chris is set to be released from anger management rehab on Feb. 20, but it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire for Breezy, who is also due in court for a hearing on the Rihanna assault case on the same date. Meanwhile, Rihanna is looking forward to celebrating her 26th birthday, and she’s not at all worried about what happens to Chris in court.

“She doesn’t feel guilty this time around. If it was last year, she’d be pissed and feel some type of way about it but now, hell no,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s out of her hands and she’s done nothing but support him over the years. Whatever happens is a result of him, not her. She’s not feeling guilty for shit.”

“She thinks Chris is a good man at heart but she’s not trying to think about him a week before her birthday,” the source adds. “She’s turning 26 in 10 days and with age comes wisdom. The older she gets the less she’s trying to put up or even deal with the bullsh*t.”

Drake & Rihanna ‘In Relationship’: He Treats Her ‘Like A Queen’

Perhaps one reason why Rihanna is done with Chris’ “bullsh*t” is the fact that she’s finally learning how a lady should be treated, thanks to Drake.

“He’s a gentleman and you know Rihanna isn’t quite used to all that,” a source close to the Unapologetic artist told EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s used to bad boys, the ones who are hood and swagged out and real ghetto like her ex. But even though she’s use to all that ratchetness, it’s a real treat when she’s with Drake because everything flows well.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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