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Rihanna: Why She ‘Wouldn’t Mind’ Spending Valentine’s Day With Drake

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drakRihanna and Drake have been spotted hanging out all over the place, and their relationship is definitely heating up — just not necessarily in the way you think! A source close to Rihanna revealed to EXCLUSIVELY whether or not the pair would be spending Valentine’s Day together, and the answer might surprise you.

Are Rihanna and Drake dating? That’s the question on everybody’s mind after the duo was spotted looking very couple-y at a club on Feb. 7. But does this mean they’ll spend the big V-Day together?

Rihanna: Why She ‘Wouldn’t Mind’ Spending Valentine’s Day With Drake

According to Rihanna’s friends, the friendship between Drake and the “Can’t Remember To Forget” you singer is heating up — just not necessarily in the way you’d think. Apparently, the duo are just friends!

“She’s already in a relationship with him — it’s a friendship, and it’s a real close one,” the source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Still, the source made an excellent point — a friend can sometimes be the ultimate perfect Valentine, especially if that friend happens to share all of your same interests!

“They both don’t have Valentines so [them being together] is a high possibility,” the source continues. “She wouldn’t mind that at all. What girl wants to be alone on that day when she can be with her good friend, blazing and eating chocolate and sipping on champagne? They’ll probably be together.”

Drake & Rihanna: ‘Everything Flows Well’

According to Rihanna’s friends, the singer should spend more time with Drake — because he’s much better for her than her exes, like Chris Brown.

“He’s a gentleman, and you know Rihanna isn’t quite used to all that,” a source close to the Unapologetic artist tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s used to bad boys, the ones who are hood and swagged out and real ghetto like her ex. But even though she’s use to all that ratchetness, it’s a real treat when she’s with Drake because everything flows well.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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