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Karrueche Tran Throwing Post-Rehab Homecoming Party For Chris Brown

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chris-brown-karrueche-tran-2Chris Brown’s girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, and mom Joyce Hawkins are so excited for him to finally be released from rehab on Feb. 20! The two most important women in Breezy’s life are welcoming him home with a special celebration at his house on the day of his release, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Chris Brown is going to be so happy when he walks through his front door and sees all of his loved ones assembled to welcome him home from rehab on Feb. 20! Chris’ mother, Joyce Hawkins, and his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, are so proud of all the hard work he’s put in during his 90-day stint in anger management rehab, and they want to celebrate his success by “surrounding him with an abundance of love,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Chris Brown Leaves Rehab — GF Karreuche Tran Throws Post-Rehab Party For Rapper

It’s been a rough past three months for Chris, and his friends and family want to take time out to show him their support after he gets out of rehab.

“We’re making sure that when he walks through his front door that all his friends will be there and Karrueche to welcome him back home,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “We all missed him and the crew, all his boys, wants him to know that we love him and hope he’s good. He had to do what he had to do to get his temper under control and everybody here respects that and loves him for it. We want to be here to show him that we’re still in his corner and we’re here for whatever he needs.”

So sweet! Chris, 24, is lucky to have such loving, loyal friends in his life. So what’s on the agenda for Chris’ welcome home party?

“Nothing too outrageous. We just want to welcome him back. We’ll order some food, break out the XBox 360, play some music and just all be together,” the source reveals.

Of course, once Breezy is free at last, he won’t have to stay cooped up in his house. “We put gas in all the cars because he hasn’t been behind the wheel of his rides in hella days and I’m sure he’s going to want to go out and drive Karrueche someplace,” the source says.

“Chris needs to know that he ain’t alone and despite what people be saying about him, all the negativity, he’s a good dude,” the source adds. “He’s got heart and he wants to be a good person and even a good role model.”

Chris Brown: Why He’s ‘Not Excited’ To Leave Rehab

Unfortunately Chris’ troubles aren’t behind him just yet. Once his anger management treatment is complete, Chris is set to begin a court trial in his D.C. assault case.

“He’s still has to go to trail for some bogus stuff he didn’t even do,” a source close to the singer told EXCLUSIVELY. “He just doesn’t have good luck. It’s like when one door opens for him, another one closes. He’s leaving rehab not to go home, but to look forward to some petty trial. It’s crazy.”chris-brown-karrueche-tran-5 chris-brown-karrueche-tran-3 chris-brown-karrueche-tran-1 chris-brown-karrueche-tran-8Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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