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Selena Gomez Changed Her Number — Avoiding Justin Bieber?

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biberIt looks like Selena is taking drastic measures to cut off all communication with Justin. The ‘Come and Get It’ singer has even changed her phone number to avoid any unwanted phone calls from her ex, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

We’re sorry, Justin Bieber, the number you have reached has been disconnected or is no longer in service. The Biebs got the shock of his life when he called Selena Gomez last week, only to find out that his on-and-off love had changed her cell phone number to avoid him, is EXCLUSIVELY reporting.

Selena Gomez’s Phone Number Changed — Is She Avoiding Justin Bieber Again?

Justin, 19, may be having fun with his new fling, Chantel Jeffries, but Selena, 21, is never far from his mind. So it must be driving the Biebs crazy that he can’t just pick up the phone and call his ex anymore!

“He’d never admit this but he called Selena earlier last week only to find out that she changed her cell number,” a source connected to Justin EXCLUSIVELY reveals “Either she or the people around her really want her not to talk to Justin.”

But we’re told this is NOT the first time Selena has gone to extremes to cut Justin out of her life.

“She’s done this to Justin at least four times and about a week or two or so later, he’s got her new number and they’re talking again. This too shall pass,” the source says. We feel for Justin but at the same time, we wonder if it would be the right thing for Selena to let him back into her life at this point.

Justin Bieber & Katherine Gazda’s Romance Report

Justin may be sad that he can’t call Selena but apparently he’s got plenty of other girls on his speed dial. As HollywoodLife.compreviously reported, Justin is involved with both Chantel Jeffries, and another new woman,Katherine Gazda, according to a new report.

Katherine, 18, works as a singer/songwriter and was introduced to Justin by a mutual friend, according to the Sunday Mirror.

The two were reportedly attracted to each other when they first met at the end of 2013. Katherine allegedly posted (and later deleted) pictures of the Biebs while he was sleeping, with captions such as, “You’re my angel” and “Some things last forever.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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