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Kristen Stewart Admits She Tried To ‘Own’ Robert Pattinson?

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robIn a brand new interview, K-Stew opens up, admitting that she made some mistakes in her relationship with Rob by trying too hard to control things.

After having nearly nine months to think about her May 2013 breakup with Robert PattinsonKristen Stewart seems to have gained a little perspective and come to the realization that she tried too hard to live happily ever after with R-Patz.

Kristen Stewart: I Tried To Own Robert Pattinson

Opening up about love and relationships in a new interview with Marie Claire, K-Stew seems to be conceding that you can’t expect to have a grasp on romance. And most of her quotes seem to be referring to lessons she learned from dating Rob.

“Some people have certain things, like, ‘That’s what I’m going for,’” Kristen explains, “and I have a version of that… If you fall in love with someone, you want to own them. You want them to be what you love.” The Twilight actress seems to be saying that in her relationship, she had a tendency to force things and perhaps try to make Rob fit into some ideal she had imagined.

But that’s not a natural way to carry on a relationship, and in retrospect it’s no surprise that Kristen and Rob couldn’t withstand that pressure.

Kristen Stewart: No Longer Trying To ‘Control’ Love

Also in the interview, Kristen owns up to some past mistakes — and her new outlook suggests that she’s done a lot of growing up. “Why would you want that?” she says, referring to her previous controlling habits before adding, “You don’t know who you fall in love with. You just don’t. You don’t control it.”

That’s a much healthier perspective for K-Stew to take. And with this new, mature outlook, maybe a reunion between Kristen and Rob is possible after all.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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