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Kim & Kourtney Kardashian: Their 8 Sexiest Nearly Naked Post-Baby Looks

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korSorry Khloe, but this one’s about the mommies. Kim and Kourtney have basically perfected the art of slimming down after giving birth, and they have NOT been afraid to show it.

Have you heard? Their bodies are BACK! After having their children, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian have made shedding the baby weight look like child’s play, and again and again, the two reality TV sisters have flaunted the fruits of their labor for all of us to drool over.

Kim Kardashian: Her Body Is Back!

Kim was clearly proud about dropping 50 pounds after giving birth to North West – she even went as far to boast on the cover of Us Weekly! “My body is back!” Kim exclaimed along with a ridiculously hot picture of her in a white teeny bikini. In five short months, Kim got her sexy curves back and came out of her post-baby era possibly looker sexier than ever.

Even before her magazine cover though, Kim was taking pride in her post-baby body. She introduced the world to the brand new, “hot mom” Kim in October, when she posted a picture of herself in a revealing one-piece bathing suit. The picture, which showed off her curves and her unreal behind, was so hot that it made Kanye West exclaim, “HEADING HOME NOW.”

Kourtney Kardashian’s Sexy Post-Baby Body

Kourtney’s post-baby bod is nothing to shrug at either — and she’s had two kids! About a year after giving birth to Penelope, the eldest Kardashian sis started busting out some amazing bikini looks while on vacay with Scott Disick (lucky guy). Kourtney looked totally trim and very prepared for motherhood… and by that we mean her boobs have looked incredible.

She’s continued to flaunt her physique into the new year — and on Jan. 26 she posted her gaudiest selfie yet, a picture taken from (ahem) chest-level that really gave us all an eyeful.

The point is, Kim and Kourtney are ridiculously sexy. And the fact that they’ve pulled all this off after having children makes it that much more impressive. What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Let us know!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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