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Lea Michele and Heather Morris: Two Friends With Two Totally Different Styles

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rs_634x1024-140207105719-634.Lea-Michele-Heather-Morris-Rainy-Day.jl.020714_copyThey may be friends both on and off-screen.

But Glee stars Lea Michele and Heather Morris appear to have nothing in common in the important style department. In case you were ever wondering if fashion is an indicator of friendship, the answer appears to be a big fat no!

We can’t tell if this is a case of Michele being overly bundled up for a chilly day in Los Angeles. To us, however, it looks like she’s walking on the streets of New York City while her co-star is strolling down the streets of Santa Monica!

So should this be a question of who looks best or who is dressed for the occasion?

It was a rainy day making the brunette’s all-black palette with a chunky knit hat a smarter choice. But West Coast winter is still incredibly warm making Heather’s flowy skirt and bright top more classically Cali.

That said, the cropped denim vest went out with Wigwam socks years ago.

We’re going to give this singer style-off to the girl in tights, but only because we know how much Angelinos delight in dressing for a dark and cloudy day. Whose style do you prefer?Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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