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Kristen Stewart’s Secret Plan To Win Robert Pattinson Back

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robKristen was left heartbroken in Jan. 2014 when Rob reneged on his plan to visit her in LA. But instead of giving up on their love affair, she’s playing hardball to win Rob back, a source reveals EXCLUSIVELY to

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart split up in May 2013, but that doesn’t mean they couple is over for good. From regular Skype sessions to top-secret hookups, there have been more than a few signs pointing towards a ‘Robsten’ reunion. But so far, Rob’s been playing it cool — and it’s driving Kristen crazy!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Dating Again? — Her Plan To Win Him Back

We felt Kristen’s pain when Rob canceled his plans to visit her in LA, and instead flew from New York to London, in Jan. 2014. At the time, Kristen put on a brave face, but now we’ve learned that the disappointing blow has pushed her into action.

“Kristen has been telling all of their mutual friends that she’s over Rob and ready to move on but it’s not true,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She knows it will get back to Rob, and it’s all part of her plan to get him back.

“She’s decided that she needs to start playing hard to get,” our source says. “She’s hoping that when Rob finds out she’s talking about moving on that he’ll step up to the plate.”

We understand why Kristen feels the need to do something drastic; we just hope this plan doesn’t backfire on her!

Kristen Stewart: Why She’s Playing Mind Games

Kristen has never seemed like the type of girl to use manipulation to get what she wants, but perhaps drastic times call for drastic measures? Our source reveals that Kristen misses Rob so much that she’s willing to do whatever it takes to win him over.

“Up until now she hasn’t been playing any games, she hates games, but ever since he bailed on coming to see her last month she’s been very depressed,” the source explains. “She was counting on seeing him before he went to Morocco, he told her that he was going to come to LA and then he suddenly changed his plans.  It was really hard on her and it made her realize that she needs to make some changes if she’s ever going to get him back.”

“She’s stopped contacting him; she’s letting him make all the moves,” the source adds. “Her plan is to start ignoring him, although so far, she hasn’t been able to go that far but that’s her plan. She thinks that once Rob realizes she’s not such a sure thing he’ll start making her a priority again. Her friends all think it’s the smart thing to do, that Rob will be more interested in her when he thinks he’s lost her.”

Wow, it sounds like Kristen is seriously sad. We hope her plan to win Rob back works!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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