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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Despite Crisis, Will Get Back Together

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juJust when you thought Justin and Selena were over forever, think again! has just learned that they both love each other so much and that a reconciliation is definitely possible!

Never say never when it comes to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez getting back together! has learned that Justin’s new girlfriend Chantel Jeffries has not replaced Selena and that he still loves her.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Will Get Back Together!

Even though Justin has been with Chantel for the past 19 days, it turns out Selena is the “only girl” he has ever loved, according to our source.

Justin is partying away the pain right now. Chantal means absolutely nothing to him, Selena is the only girl he has ever had feelings for. He’s acting all tough, saying he’s totally over her but it’s obvious that he’s in a lot of pain over this. Selena and Justin are not in contact at all right now but I’m sure that will change, eventually one of them is going to give in, they really do love each other. It’s true that Selena is not the angel that everyone thinks she is, there is plenty on her side of the street that is dirty but Justin’s not the one selling her out, it’s someone in his entourage.

We are so happy to hear this and we hope they do get back together. We just hope that they can be a good influence on each other because they have so much going on — they should be a supportive team!

Selena’s Valentine’s Day Plans Revealed

Don’t expect Selena to be going on a date with a guy on Valentine’s Day because we’ve learned she wants to have a night with her girls.

“She wants to hang out with her single friends and have a girls night filled with pampering each other with mani-pedis and watching movies,” a source tells us. “She wants a man-free Valentine’s Day this year.”

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