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Find Out Which Olympian Thinks He Can Fix Taylor Swift’s Love Life!

Published on February 8, 2014 by   ·   No Comments Taylor Swift: One adorable Olympian thinks he can fix your love life by being your main man.

Nick Goepper, who will compete in freestyle skiing at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, dished to E! News about his special meeting with the country crooner.

“I was actually just at the Golden Globes and me and Taylor got to hang out briefly,” the 19-year-old athlete gushed about the blond beauty.

The Indiana native continued about the “awesome” experience: “I mean she was with her entourage but took the time to just kind of break away and chat with me for a minute. It was nice, I feel like we kind of connected.”

So does this mean the cute duo will hang out in the not-so-distant future?

“She invited me to Rhode Island for a weekend,” Goepper said, followed by a pregnant pause. “No, I’m just kidding,” he quipped.

You had us there for one second, Nick!

All (brilliant) jokes aside, good news ladies: He’s single. As for what Nick looks for in a partner, he likes blondes who are “athletic, spontaneous, energetic and not afraid to do new stuff.”

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