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Selena Gomez’s Plans For Valentine’s Day After Justin Bieber Drama

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jusSelena Gomez has been going through some serious heartbreak lately, so we’re not surprised to learn that she’s planning ahead to make sure she’s doesn’t have to spend Valentine’s Day alone.

Selena Gomez no longer has Justin Bieber to “Come And Get It” with, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to be sitting home by herself on Valentine’s Day. Instead, a source told EXCLUSIVELY that she’s planning to celebrate the romantic holiday with the people she loves the most!

Selena Gomez’s Valentine’s Day — Her Plans After Justin Bieber Drama

No rebound romances here! Justin may have moved on from Selena at lightning speed with Chantel Jeffries, but Selena’s only plan in the wake of her heartbreak is to slow down. The stunning Stars Dance singer is planning a low key — and man free — Valentine’s Day celebration, a source revealed to EXCLUSIVELY.

“She wants to hang out with her single friends and have a girls night filled with pampering each other with mani-pedis and watching movies,” the source says. “She wants a man-free Valentine’s Day this year.”

What a great idea! Valentine’s Day is all about love, but who says it can’t be about celebrating the love between good friends?

Selena Moving Forward From Justin

With Justin constantly getting into trouble and now reportedly saying nasty things about Selena, she’s using it all to move forward.

“She knows that Justin is spiraling downward,” a source told exclusively. “And with the texts and the virginity comments, she desperately wants to respond, but she knows that Justin is making a fool of himself and by not responding, people will realize that she is the victim.”

It’s not okay that Justin is reportedly bragging to his friends about taking her virginity — but this could be the last straw for her!

“The one good thing about this situation is that it’s making things easier for her to dislike him and move on,” the source added.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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