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Justin Bieber: Happy He Split With ‘Out of Control’ Selena Gomez?

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selenaEven though Justin has been caught partying time and time again, he’s taking no credit for Selena’s stay in rehab — in fact, Justin’s friends are saying that when it comes to having too much fun, Selena is often the bad influence!

Fans were shocked when Selena Gomez checked in to Arizona’s Dawn at the Meadows rehab facility, but amidst reports that Justin Bieber pressured Selena to try pot and party, Justin’s camp is firing back. Apparently, Justin thinks that Selena is the one who was a bad influence, to the point where he’s happy to be rid of her!

Justin Bieber: Happy He Split With ‘Out of Control’ Selena Gomez?

Oh no! While many seem happy to believe that it was Justin who was influencing Selena when it came to the behavior that led to her short rehab stay, TMZ is reporting that Justin’s camp thinks it’s the other way around.

TMZ had already reported that Selena came to Arizona’s Dawn at the Meadows to deal with addictions to alcohol, marijuana and the prescription sleep medication Ambien, but now their sources have added that Justin and his friends are laughing at reports that he was the one responsible.

According to them, while Justin “acknowledges he gets wasted,” Selena does too — sometimes even getting “downright competitive … smoking as much weed as the guys and sometimes outdoing them,” while also being “heavy into booze.”

This is why Justin is reportedly laughing at reports blaming him for Selena’s problems — he thinks she’s “too high maintenance, and out of control.”

Selena’s Friends Want Justin Out Of Her Life

Selena’s camp, of course, is telling a much different story when it comes to who influenced who.

“Everyone between friends, family and handlers want Justin completely out of her life,” a source close to Selena, 21, tells EXCLUSIVELY. “They are making sure she is with someone at all times, like a sober friend so she doesn’t go visit Justin.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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