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Mila Kunis Goes Makeup-Free, Looks Stunning in New Gemfields Campaign

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rs_560x374-140206113928-1024.gemfields-ad-mila-kunis-no-make-up-020614Bedhead can be a nightmare, except apparently if you’re Mila Kunis.

In the actress’ debut campaign for Gemfields—the world’s leading supplier of colored gemstones—she not only sports a messy updo (complete with flyaways) but she also poses makeup-free.  Unlike us mere mortals, the star’s just-woke-up effect is quite stunning, thanks in part to famed photographer Peter Lindbergh.

“When we talked though the direction and that the focus was on natural beauty—which really meant no makeup, no blow dry, and no retouching—I have to say I was a little anxious,” the star confessed to British Vogue. “Peter has a way of making you feel bare and raw, but in a funny way it’s the most beautiful I have ever felt on a photo shoot.”

It probably was also helpful that the Jupiter Ascending star is often comfortable going fresh faced in her day-to-day life.

To complement her au naturel effect, the ads were shot outside on a beach. “It was all about being one with nature and kind of being open to the environment and present,” said Mila.

As for her new role as the brand’s spokesmodel, the 30-year-old—who visited the Africa for the first time to see the company’s emerald mines—gushed that “it made me appreciate jewelry so much more.”

Not to read to much into her latest gig but Mila’s preference for colored gems is very telling. (hint, hint Ashton Kutcher)Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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