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Kanye West To Kim Kardashian: North Can’t Come On Our Honeymoon — Report

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northKim Kardashian is plenty busy planning her dream wedding to Kanye West, but what do they have planned for after the big day? but Kanye is reportedly demanding that their daughter North West not be allowed on their honeymoon with them. Will Kim comply with her future husband’s request?

When you start planning your honeymoon, what are some things that come to mind? Maybe you’d like to take a romantic stroll on the beach with your new spouse, or maybe you you’re more into a date night that includes a candle lit dinner and some champagne. Kim Kardashian, 33, is reportedly hoping to return to Venice, Italy where she and her future husband Kanye West, 36, conceived their daughter, 7-month-old North West. How sweet!

Unfortunately for North, Kanye definitely doesn’t like the idea of having a baby around — even if she is his own flesh and blood!

Kanye West Says ‘No’ — North West Is Not Invited On His And Kim Kardashian’s Honeymoon

So, what does Kim think about Kanye demanding that Nori not tag along on their honeymoon to Venice with them? So far, it sounds like she just might comply with his request. After all, even well-behaved babies like Nori can be unpredictable at times.

“Kanye has made it clear to Kim he doesn’t want North to come with them on their honeymoon,” a source revealed during an interview with Radar Online. “Kim hates to leave the baby behind, but will definitely need down time after the wedding.”

Where Will North West Stay While Her Parents Are On Honeymoon?

It doesn’t seem like North will mind being left behind, either. While Kim and Kanye travel to Venice for a romantic celebration, North will have their Paris, France apartment all to herself.

Well, her two nannies will be with her, too, of course!

HollyMoms — what do YOU think? Should Kim and Kanye leave North behind or take her with them on their honeymoon? Let us know!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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