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Justin Bieber’s Cruel Comments Are Helping Selena Gomez Get Over Him

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selThere’s a silver lining to everything, right? Even though Justin’s been running his mouth about his sexual exploits with Selena, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that the rude remarks are at least convincing Selena to move on.

It’s no secret that Selena Gomez has trouble quitting Justin Bieber. But he may have finally given her the motivation she needs when he reportedly started bragging about taking her virginity, a source tells exclusively.

Selena Gomez: Finally Getting Over Justin Bieber?

Justin may be trying to reel Selena back in with his boasting and his text messages “about his d**k and f**king her,” but she’s resisting the urge to play into his hand like never before. “She knows that Justin is spiraling downward,” a source tells exclusively. “And with the texts and the virginity comments, she desperately wants to respond but she knows that Justin is making a fool of herself and by not responding people will realize that she is the victim.”

Oh honey, we knew that the second JB starting mouthing off about your V-card.

Justin’s unbelievably cruel comments may finally be the last straw for Selena — the thing that makes her realize that she needs to get over him. “The one good thing about this situation is that it’s making things easier for her to dislike him and move on,” says the source.

Selena has let Justin get away with so much before, but his reported comments about her virginity are a total violation of trust, so we’re glad she sees how disgusting they are, and is taking them seriously.

Selena Gomez Forbade To See Justin Bieber After Rehab Stint

But she’s not totally out of the Bieber woods. Even though she checked herself into rehab on Jan. 5 for issues that are partially related to Justin, she has a desire to see him. However, everyone close to Selena refuse to let that happen.

“Everyone between friends, family, and handlers wants Justin completely out of her life,” another source told exclusively. “They are making sure she is with someone at all times, like a sober friend so she doesn’t go visit Justin.”

Hopefully the hands-on approach of Selena’s friends and family, along with her disgust towards Justin’s comments, will combine to finally convince her to rid herself of the toxicity in her life.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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