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Beyoncé Inspires Valentine’s Day Menu at Brucie Restaurant

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rs_560x415-140204134045-560.brucie-exterior-jmd-020414Looks like somebody is definitely drunk in love…with Beyoncé, that is!

Just ask Zahra Tangorra, owner and chef of NYC’s Brucie restaurant, who is rolling out an incredible menu for Valentine’s Day, entirely inspired by the star.

Yup, you heard us right.

The Brooklyn-based eatery has created a festive assortment of appetizers, entrees and side dishes to creatively honor Queen Bey herself.

“We really just try to have fun here. It’s a big part of what we do. We are always trying to push the envelope in terms of creative cuisine,” she told E! News. “We were just thinking about how to do something fun! We have all been so obsessed with the new Beyoncé record and she has always been fabulous but her fabulousness is intensifying more and more. She is a true representative of everything fun, fabulous and sexy.”

So what’s on this seductive and savory menu?

Dishes are all cleverly named, with nods to the singer’s loved ones, lifestyle and hit songs.

From Blue Ivy (smoked blue potatoes with trout roe and watercress) and Surf Board (a deviled bone marrow with root vegetables), to a veggie appetizer called 22 Days Vegan and a tasty entrée called Jay-Ziti, they’ve truly thought of everything!

Other cute dishes include an angel hair option called Halo, Buga-Bouillabaisse (packed with blood sausage, lobster, clams, squid ink aioli and more) and a veal dish named Breastiny’s Child, just to name a few!


Tangorra also tells us she plans on playing Beyoncé and Jay Z songs all night while serving up these inventive dishes.

Needless to say, as soon as they unveiled their creative menu, reservations to Brucie started filling up quickly.

And finally, it wouldn’t be an evening honoring Bey without a little dancing.

“We expect that once the restaurant clears out it will be a huge dance party. We hope there will be a lot of singles ladies here.”

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