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Kristen Stewart: The Sweet Reason She Planned A Surprise Trip To Paris

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krisIs Kristen the coolest friend ever? In honor of her close friend Suzie Riemer’s birthday, the ‘Camp X-Ray’ star took her pal to Paris for an unforgettable celebration. It’s not unusual for Kristen to give her pals VIP treatment. She has always been the ‘most generous friend,’ a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Kristen Stewart has always been vocal about how important her friends are and she proved it when she whisked one of her BFFs, Suzie Riemer, all the way to Paris, France to celebrate her 24th birthday. Kristen sure knows how make a girl feel special!

Kristen Stewart In Paris — The Sweet Reason She Planned Her Surprise Trip

Kristen, who is the new face of Chanel’s Métiers D’Art Paris-Dallas collection, was photographed at a Chanel boutique in Paris on Feb. 3. But in addition to taking care of business while in the City of Light, the Twilight beauty is taking the time to treat her friend Suzie to some birthday fun. The two were seen heading to Paris together at LAX International Airport on Feb. 2.

“Kristen is in Paris to do some work for Chanel and brought her really close friend Suzie Riemer along as a birthday present,” a friend of Kristen’s tells EXCLUSIVELY. ”Kristen is like the coolest and most generous friend. She’s always been like that, and wanted to make Suzie’s birthday extra special.”

Suzie officially kicked off her birthday on Jan. 2, when she posted a photo of herself drinking champagne, with the message: “No longer a taylor Swift song #23″. We think Paris is the perfect belated birthday gift! Happy Birthday, Suzie!

Kristen’s Sweet Skype Sessions With Robert Pattinson

As previously reported, Kristen and Robert Pattinson have been keeping in touch via Skype, and even including their dogs in the talks. How cute!

“Kristen and Rob Skyped for two hours before he left for Morocco. Kristen knew Rob was really missing Bernie and Bear, so they all — meaning Rob, Kristen and all three dogs, even Bailey — had a Skype session. Rob was talking to the dogs and telling them how much he loves them and was pretending to pet them through the computer screen,” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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