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Harry Styles Always Gets Dumped First, Reveals His Cousin

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harriThe One Direction frontman is currently dating the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star, Kendall Jenner, but a shocking new interview reveals that she may break his heart! Read on to find out why Harry is always the dumpee and never the dumper!

Harry Styles is definitely a ladies man but it sounds like he’s the one who gets his heart broken in relationships! The 20-year-old, who famously dated Taylor Swift, isn’t the heartbreaker you thought he was. His cousin, Ben Selley, spilled all to the UK’s The Sun and it’s shocking!

Harry Styles Always Gets Dumped First, Says His Cousin

Although Harry is a hot commodity, it turns out that he’s the hopeless romantic when it comes to the ladies.

“It’s Harry who keeps getting dumped,” Ben said. “He’s not a dumper, he’s a dumpee! He’s got the biggest heart so the guy wouldn’t have the guts to dump a girl, he’s too nice! Did Taylor Swift dump him? I’m not saying!’

The loose-lipped cousin went on to talk about his relationship with Kendall Jenner!

“Harry’s had so many girlfriends. I wouldn’t say he’s definitely with Kendall,” Ben added. “I’m not [sure] whether she’s a friend or a love interest, it’s hard to say with Harry!”

So why does Harry always get dumped by his girlfriends?

“It’s hard for Harry because he doesn’t know whether a girl likes him for who he is or because he is famous,” he said. “It’s something he struggles with because it’s tricky. That’s probably why he ends up dating people in the same industry as him. Taylor Swift was a big star, as was Harry so they kind of cancelled each other out.”

Harry & Kendall Jenner’s Relationship: They’re Not Ready To Live Together

Harry and Kendall are in a relationship but they’re not taking things to the next level anytime soon.

“Harry and Kendall moving in together is not happening any time soon,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “They are young and having fun. Wedding bells or serious relationship talks are not anything they discuss. They only have fun and want to continue down that road.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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