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Shakira & Rihanna’s Music Video Is The Sexiest Of 2014 So Far

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shakiraJust on paper, the combination of Shakira and Rihanna is smoldering, and though parts of the video for “Can’t Remember To Forget You” are odd (last 50 seconds, I’m looking at you), it is easily an early front-runner for sexiest video of the year.

This is how I imagine the pitch meeting for the “Cant Remember To Forget You” music video went: one guy walked into the room and was like, “Shakira and Rihanna are super hot, right? And they’re really good, really sexy dancers too. Can’t we just put them in racy outfits and let them do their thing?” I also imagine that guy got a promotion, because the straightforward but sexy “Can’t Remember To Forget You” is already one of the best videos of 2014.

Shakira & Rihanna Stun In ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’

I sense that the music video is getting some criticism for being a little silly, and while it does have its flaws (we’ll talk about at least one later), the video at least does its job — it makes you wanna watch. Take it from me, I’ve been watching it non-stop since it came out late on Jan. 30.

I don’t care if Shakira and Rihanna are randomly in a mansion that looks like a Miami native’s idea of Versailles, or that Shakira is inexplicably writhing around on a bed that is lodged between two staircases (how will anyone use the stairs!), because I could literally watch these two singers be sexy anywhere. They both brought out their best for the video — RiRi’s twerk and Shakira’s hip thing that we should have a nickname for by now — and the bottom line is they’re hot and they know it. I’m okay with the video being just that.

I also appreciate that Shakira and Rihanna get to display their sensuality without the aide of any guys. In most videos, these two would have to be grinding and twerking on some rando — there’s just something fresh about seeing them dance just because they want to, not because they’re trying to catch a guy’s eye.

Shakira Goes From Sexy Dancer To Hard Rocker

Okay, since we’re at like the last 50 seconds of this post, let’s talk about the last 50 seconds of the video. They’re sort of a mess.

For some reason, the video abruptly switches from everything that was working to Shakira rocking out like she’s Prince or something… in a flooded room. She plays the drums and strums out a few power chords, all while you’re sitting there asking where the heck this came from. Clearly Shakira wanted to show off her versatility — and it’s amazing she can do all those things — but the end of “Can’t Remember To Forget You” probably wasn’t the place to do it. For that reason it’s unfortunately off-putting instead of cool and empowering.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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