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Miley Cyrus’ New Shocking Nearly-Naked Moments

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miliWe’re nearly six months past Miley’s earth-shaking performance at the 2013 MTV VMAs, but the singer is still taking it all off and shocking us.

Isn’t Miley Cyrus known for always yammering on about how she can’t stop and all that? Oh right, she has that song — and it couldn’t be anymore accurate. The singer’s boundary-pushing revolution is almost a year old at this point, but she’s still stripping down every chance she gets, whether she’s on stage or in a music video.

Miley Cyrus Strips Down For ‘Adore You’ Video

Let’s start with a bang (almost literally) — Miley’s video for “Adore You.” The singer turned her sweet song naughty with a sex tape-themed video in which the most she wore was a see-through bra and matching panties. While Miley rolled around in a bed straight up molesting herself, her entire body was on display — including her nipples!

And oh yeah, she also bathed in a bodysuit that looked it was made out of a hammock. “Adore You” is basically Miley stripping down as much as possible without being fully nude.

Miley Cyrus’ Nearly-Naked Performances

The 21-year-old has also been using her most recent concerts to get buckwild and butt naked… well, almost. During her Jingle Ball performances, Miley got all kinds of racy, whipping off an oversized fur coat to reveal a white crotch-baring onesie. In the revealing outfits, Miley then twerked on a Bad Santa, grinded with her little helpers, and more or less ruined our childhood outlook on Christmas.

Then on Jan. 29, Miley debuted a very interesting look for her Unplugged performance. Stripping down from her gingham cowgirl outfit, Miley stepped onto stage in a baggy, sparkly denim suit that was wide open, flaunting the bikini Miley was rocking underneath and her sick, toned body.

Although Miley didn’t get as naked as she could have that night — when one of her fans yelled out that she should take it all off she joked that the last time she did that on MTV, it didn’t go over so well. Ha!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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