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Lamar Odom: What He Misses Most About Khloe Kardashian After Split

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lamarLamar Odom is getting used to life without Khloe Kardashian after their painful split, but he still misses her and the ‘good times they shared,’ a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Lamar Odom isn’t “sitting around moping about” Khloe Kardashian and wishing he had tried harder to save their troubled marriage. But he does miss the little things that once made their relationship so special, including the way she could always “make him laugh,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Lamar Odom Missing Khloe Kardashian — What He Misses Most After Split

Khloe and Lamar’s relationship was definitely rocky toward the end, but they did share some blissful moments together over the years — and Lamar hasn’t forgotten them.

“He talks about her from time to time. He misses some of the good times they shared. She would always make him laugh and do little sexy sh*t and wear hooker clothes for him around the house,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Khloe can shake her a** faster than a girl in a Ying Yang Twins video. He misses all that fun and ratchetness they had.”

As much as Lamar misses Khloe, he knows that their breakup happened for a reason.

“She was real good to him, a good wife and she loved him hard. But he’s not sitting around moping over her. He knows life goes on and he wishes her the best. He has no hate or regrets where Khloe is concerned.”

We’re sure Khloe is happy to hear that because she apparently thinks she failed him “as a wife.”

Khloe Kardashian Thinks She ‘Failed’ Lamar Odom & Their Marriage

Khloe has been beating herself up for not being able to get Lamar sober and save their troubled marriage.

“She was crazy in love with Lamar and thinks she failed him because she couldn’t make him allegedly get off drugs,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. ”She thinks she was too hard on him and pushed him away when all she was trying to do was bring him closer when he was at his worst.”

We hope Khloe will eventually forgive herself for leaving Lamar because it was definitely the right decision for her.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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