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Justin Bieber Takes Girl Back To His Hotel & Drinks At Super Bowl Parties

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justinJustin has taken NYC by storm over Super Bowl weekend and has witnessed him drinking and skateboarding in a nightclub, and even hand-picking girls out of the crowd to bring back to his hotel!

Justin Bieber is doing anything but laying low since his DUI arrest and assault charges. The 19-year-old has had a scandalous weekend in NYC for the Super Bowl filled with partying, flirting, and indoor skateboarding. And all once again with his dad, Jeremy Bieber, by his side!

Justin Bieber Brings A Blonde Back To His Hotel Room

In the midst of all Justin’s legal problems, the singer made sure to hit up all of the hottest parties while vacationing in the Big Apple on Feb. 1. His first stop, after having his plane detained at the airport on Jan. 31 for smelling like marijuana, was the Maxim party. It was there that he strolled in with his entourage around 1 a.m. and stayed for about three hours.

“[Justin] snuck in through the back and didn’t take any pictures,” a source told exclusively. “His security was pushing everyone out of the way to get him to his table. He had a bevy of beauties at his table and even took some blonde chick back to his hotel room.”

Justin, who was staying at the swanky Four Seasons Hotel, was actually very involved with deciding which girls were lucky enough to hang out with him and his pals, according to our eyewitness.

“He didn’t come with the girls,” the eyewitness said. “He picked them out of the crowd… and his dad was with him.”

Justin Drinks At Super Bowl Party & Takes His Shirt Off

The following night, Feb. 1, he showed up with around 20 people to the Leather and Laces Super Bowl party at about 3:30 a.m. Serious question — does he not sleep? was at the party and saw Justin walk over to his section and immediately start drinking champagne with his buddies. Then out of no where, he cleared out a small part of the dance floor and began doing skateboarding tricks in the middle of the club (see a video of that above).

Our eyewitness also observed Justin drinking a Bud Light aluminum bottle beer, while at his table.

A rep for the Leather & Laces SuperBowl event told “I can confirm that Justin Bieber was not drinking champagne at our event, he was a pleasure to have and was sober during his entire time with us.”

We’ve also reached out to Justin’s reps who had no comment.

In the past few weeks, Justin has been accused of egging his LA neighbor’s home, assault of a Canadian limo driver and was arrested for a DUI. Plus, he admitted to smoking marijuana, taking prescription pills and driving on a suspended license.
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