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Justin Bieber: 5 Ways He’s Just Like Michael Jackson

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justinAfter Justin got out of jail on Jan. 23, he compared himself to the King of Pop by posting a side-by-side picture of himself and Michael, but we’re pretty Justin himself doesn’t even realize how similar he is to MJ!

Justin Bieber‘s side-by-side shot of himself and Michael Jackson on Jan. 23 seemed to stating that like Michael, he’s a larger than life star who is unfairly persecuted because of his immense fame. We actually think Justin might be onto something — he and the King of Pop are similar in very weird, very specific ways.

Justin Bieber & Michael Jackson: 5 Ways They’re Alike

1. They Both Love Waving To Fans From Vehicles After Leaving Courthouses

2. They Both Owned Monkeys

MJ had a long-lasting relationship with his chimp Bubbles that included having tea time with the mayor of Osaka. Justin’s stint as a primate owner was much less fruitful, as his illegally-owned capuchin Mally was seized by German customs officials during Justin’s “Believe” tour. The Biebs had about six weeks to present the right paperwork and reclaim his pet, but he never did.

3. Those Legal Troubles 

You can’t talk about Michael Jackson’s legacy without mentioning his child molestation accusations and subsequent criminal trial. With Justin’s recent arrest for DUI and drag racing on Jan. 23, and the assault charges brought against him in Toronto less than a week later, it’s safe to say that the singer has also entered that zone where his legacy is marred by trouble with the law.

4. Controversial Sleepovers

Speaking of legal troubles, MJ’s molestation allegations stemmed from how he frequently had young boys sleep over his house at the Neverland Ranch. And it turns out Justin has a few controversial house guests of his own. Lil Twist, who allegedly got Justin addicted to partying, and Lil Za, who was arrested for alleged drug possession when LA police raided Justin’s house on Jan. 14, both frequently stay at Justin’s Calabasas mansion.

5. The Clothes

Michael took risk after risk with his fashion choices — remember that lone sparkling glove? Not all of the daring moves worked (*cough* doctor’s mask *cough*) though, which sort of reminds us of someone else we know. And when we say someone else, we mean the harem pants-wearing, gas mask enthusiast Justin Bieber.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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