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Harry Styles Turns 20 — Happy Birthday

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harryIt’s been a great year for the 1D hottie! Not only has he gotten closer to some of the most stunning girls this year, but his band is doing better than ever!

Happy 20th birthday to Harry Styles! The singer has had an amazing year personally and with his band One Direction! Click through our gallery to celebrate his big day!

Harry Styles Turns 20

Only one more year until Harry can have a glass of wine with his bandmates! And they have a lot to celebrate. They released their third album Midnight Memories and it’s by far the best album ever. It came on the heels of their first movie, This Is Us, also a huge success!

“If you listen to the first album, then listen straight to the third album, it’s completely different,” Harry said in an interview with Tele Noche. “Even though it’s only been three years, I think when you’re our age, three years is a long time and quite a lot has happened in terms of growing up in those three years.”

That’s the truth — the boys have grown into men!

One Direction On ‘Sesame Street’

Harry’s Year In Romance

It hasn’t just been the successes of 1D that has made his year so great — he’s been lucky in love!

Currently he’s seeing Kendall Jenner, who is absolutely stunning. They make the cutest couple and were recently spotted cuddling up at an Eagles concert with her family!

He even went on a romantic skiing trip with her over the winter — how romantic. So, whether he starts his twentieth with Kendall, Daisy Lowe (another rumored love) or solo, we know it’ll be yet another great year!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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