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Paul Walker: Is He Being Dragged Into Tyrese Gibson’s Custody Battle?

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paulThis is the sort of thing you hate to see. Paul’s ‘Fast & Furious’ co-star is deep in a heated custody battle with his ex Norma Gibson, who he reportedly claims is using Paul’s death to shame him in the legal war.

After Paul Walker‘s death, hardly anyone was as public and outspoken about the grieving process as Tyrese Gibson. Unfortunately now, the Fast & Furious star claims that his ex, Norma Gibson, is using Paul and his death to goad Tyrese into paying more child support.

Tyrese Gibson’s Ex Using Paul Walker’s Death In Custody Battle?

It’s a backwards-sounding story, but Norma reportedly filed court documents stating that Tyrese is a negligent father, and that he should have stayed in Los Angeles to spend more time with their six-year-old daughter after Paul’s death, when he had more free time because of the Fast & Furious 7 filming suspension, according to TMZ.

Norma claims that instead Tyrese went gallivanting throughout Dubai, where he stayed in expensive hotels, partied on yachts, drove expensive cars, and made appearances in night clubs.

Tyrese: Mad Paul Walker Has Been Brought Up In Legal Battle

Tyrese has reportedly responded by explaining that his trip to Dubai was for business, so that he could make enough money to pay the child support in question. Of all the harsh accusations though, he’s most livid that his ex has brought Paul into their personal battle, TMZ reports. Surely, this is not the way the Tyrese wanted to remember his fallen co-star — as a strategic plot point in his legal fight with Norma.

Tyrese and Norma will meet again to argue this issue later in February. Hopefully by then, Paul’s name will be wiped from the court proceedings and his memory won’t be getting used to shame anyone.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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