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Justin Bieber: How He Got Chantel Jeffries To Stay ‘Silent’ About Arrest

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justinChantel is trying to convince the world that she would never rat Justin out for money, but it was actually the Biebs who put his foot down and demanded she stay mum after his arrest, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Justin Bieber laid it on the line with his lady friend Chantel Jeffries, demanding that the 21-year-old model “keep her mouth shut” and not talk to the media about his arrest. He also promised she would be rewarded in the long-run if she kept the story of their wild night in Miami under wraps, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Chantel Jeffries At Justin Bieber’s DUI — How He Convinced Her To Stay ‘Silent’

The 19-year-old playboy always gets his way and now Chantel knows exactly why.

Justin is promising his lady a life of fame and leisure as long as she doesn’t snitch to the press about the details of his Jan. 23 arrest, sources connected to the Biebs tell EXCLUSIVELY.

“Justin’s very smooth and basically told her to keep her
mouth shut about that whole ordeal, and the life and the attention that
she gets from simply being with him will be far better off than a
one-time pay day,” the source explains.

“He made that clear to her and voila, the rest is history,” the source adds. “He’s going to continue to chill with her and be friends but she’s already got one strike against her.”

Justin Bieber Doesn’t Know What To Say To Selena Gomez

Justin was seen boarding a plane leaving Panama on Jan. 28 after he and Chantel had a mini vacation there. There’s no word yet on whether he has immediate plans to see his now off-again love Selena Gomez, but we’re told that Justin is not sure what he will say once he does.

“He’s at a loss for words when it comes to that situation,” the source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “He cares about Selena but he also wants his cake and eat it too.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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