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Taylor Swift Was ‘Upset’ About People Mocking Her Grammys ‘Surprise’ Face

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rs_560x415-140126204954-taylorswiftlostgrammysIt seems like people are talking more about Taylor’s accidental ‘surprise’ face at the Grammys than about her performance! Taylor may be a gorgeous, successful superstar but she still has feelings, and she was genuinely hurt when people ridiculed her for her embarrassing reaction, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Taylor Swift seemed to enjoy herself at The Grammy Awards on Jan. 26, but she’s not thrilled about all of the negative attention she’s been receiving after she mistakenly thought she won the award for Album of the Year. In fact, the singer is “upset,” a source reveals to EXCLUSIVELY. Poor Taylor!

Taylor Swift’s Grammys Face — Why She’s ‘Upset’ About People Mocking Her

Taylor is known for dancing and having fun at awards shows, but after what happened at the 2014 Grammy Awards, maybe she’ll be a little less enthusiastic next time.

“Taylor can take the good, but really can’t take the bad. She loves dancing during shows and she knows the cameras will be on her,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

We love those moments when the camera cuts to her — she looks adorable when she dances!

“She was genuinely surprised [about what happened]. And afterwards when everyone gave her flack for it, she got upset,” the source adds. “Not tears or sad upset, more like not taking it for the funny moment it was.”

Chin up, Tay! With so many adoring fans, Taylor shouldn’t worry too much about being mocked.

Taylor’s Reaction At The Grammy Awards

As previously reported, when Album of the Year was announced at the Grammy Awards, Taylor made an expression that appeared as though she thought her album Red was named, when it fact it wasn’t.

Instead, Album of the Year went to another record starting with the letter “R”… Random Access Memories by Daft Punk.

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