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Kim Kardashian’s Boob Leaks In Front Of Her Family On ‘KUWTK’

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kiiiiOops! Kim was sitting in mom Kris Jenner’s kitchen, hanging out with Khloe and Rob Kardashian when her right boob suddenly started to leak. Kim’s siblings were totally ‘weirded out’ by it but the new mom, who was breastfeeding baby North West at the time, took the breast milk leak in stride.

Kim Kardashian loved breastfeeding her 7-month-old baby, North West, but her family members didn’t seem to be big fans of the side effects! Though some people would have been embarrassed to have their breasts leak in front of others — even if they were close family members — Kim didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she just stuffed some tissues in her bra and shrugged it off! Good for her!

Kim Kardashian’s Boob Leaks In Front Of Her Family On ‘KUWTK’

Kim, Khloe Kardashian and Rob Kardashian were sitting around chatting when Khloe pointed out Kim’s leaky breast.

“Your boob is like leaking out of control,” Khloe exclaimed.

“What the f***. That weirds me out for real,” Rob said. “That just weirded me out.”

“It is like a water fountain,” Khloe added, staring at Kim’s boob with a shocked smile on her face.

Kim didn’t seem the slightest bit offended by her siblings obvious disgust, noting that the leak was, “only on one side. Interesting.”

Kim Kardashian Stuffs Her Bra To Stop Leaky Breast

Kim remedied the problem by stuffing a couple of tissues in her bra to soak up the excess breast milk. Looks like she’s got this mom business all figured out! “OK, sorry,” she added when she was done. “Sorry guys.”

Unfortunately Rob seemed pretty uncomfortable after that, and he cleared out of the room moments later. Not a very supportive brother, if you ask us!

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