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Selena Gomez Gives Justin Bieber Ultimatum: Rehab Or We’re Done

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selWhen Selena and Justin talked after his DUI arrest, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that she gave him very clear options: He could either agree to go to rehab, or lose Selena forever. Unfortunately, it appears that Justin has already made his choice.

Selena Gomez will always love and support Justin Bieber, but after he was arrested for drag racing and driving under the influence on Jan. 23, a source tells exclusively that Selena has started to employ a tougher approach. So is he listening?

Selena Gomez Gives Justin Bieber An Ultimatum

“Selena gave Justin an ultimatum: ‘You either check yourself into rehab or we are done,’” a source close to Selena told exclusively. Now, the “Come & Get It” singer will never abandon Justin, but if he refuses to help himself, she is no longer going to try to force him.

“If he chooses not to get help, she will of course support him, but from a distance,” says the source. “She knows he is a danger to himself and in no way wants to contribute to his delusional thinking that is above the law and above drug addiction.”

Justin Bieber: Will He Listen To Selena Gomez?

Sadly, as of now it appears that Justin is ignoring Selena’s ultimatum — and what he’s chosen to do instead is going to crush her. Instead of taking Selena’s advice and heading to rehab facility, on Jan. 25 Justin insteadfled to Panama to continue his tropical vacation. And what’s worse, Chantel Jeffries, the modelwho was riding shotgun when Justin was arrested, came with him.

Justin heading to Panama is a total slap in the face to Selena. Even if he’s still mulling over Selena’s proposition, doing it next to a model in a skimpy bikini has to sting. And more likely, Justin’s continued vacation is a sign that he in no way intends to seek treatment for his troubles.

He’s going to keep doing what he’s doing, even if it means losing Selena.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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