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Justin Bieber Avoids Rehab & Flees To Panama With Chantel Jeffries

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justinThe party continues? Though calls for Justin to go to rehab have never been louder after his arrest for DUI and drag racing in Miami, the singer is clearly ignoring them, and on Jan. 25 he was spotted strolling the beaches of Panama shirtless with a beauty in a bikini who appears to be Chantel Jeffries.

Life appears to just be going on as usual for Justin Bieber after his arrest for DUI and drag racing in Miami on Jan. 23. The singer was spotted leaving South Beach early on Jan. 25, but he didn’t head back to Los Angeles to get his life in order — instead, he jetted off to Panama to keep the vacation — and the Chantel Jeffries hangout – raging on.

Justin Bieber Flees To Panama With Chantel Jeffries

Pictures of Justin strolling the beach shirtless in Punta Chame, Panama hit Twitter on Jan. 25. The first pictures show Justin going through customs with a blonde by his side, while others show him — in a backwards hat and some seriously long shorts — hanging out with a few entourage members and the same sexy girl in a skimpy bikini. The group was also photographed just before they went on a jet-skiing excursion.

The pictures aren’t exactly clear enough, but judging by the hair color and length, the girl appears to be Chantel, who was riding shotgun with Justin when he was pulled over and arrested for DUI and drag racing. She’s pretty much been attached at Justin’s hip ever since the arrest — on Jan. 24 she was spotted leaving the Miami mansion where Justin was staying after having slept there.

Justin Bieber: Definitely Not Going To Rehab

This trip to Panama probably wasn’t what the people who were calling for Justin to go to rehab(i.e. Selena Gomez) had in mind. Selena’s urging for Justin to get help only intensified after his arrest, but fleeing to an even more tropical destination to go jet skiing proves that rehab is the last thing on Justin’s mind.

Though, Selena probably won’t do much more talking to Justin if he keeps spending time with Chantel. “Justin told Selena that Chantel was just a friend,” a source told exclusively. “She laughed and said, ‘You can have Chantel. You can have all the enablers you want.’”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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