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Selena Gomez: If You Love Justin Bieber, Ignore His Haters

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selSelena Gomez, you must be feeling besieged as you stand by your on-again love Justin Bieber. But only you can know your heart, so don’t listen to what your friends and fans may say.

Selena Gomez, we’ve heard that you’re in love with Justin Bieber and that you’ve decided to give it a chance, no matter what anyone else thinks or says — well, good for you! Selena, sometimes love just isn’t logical. Sometimes it’s painful and it’s full of ups and downs; it can make you feel intense happiness, but also heartrending disappointment.

Selena Gomez: Ignore Haters — You Should Be Strong If You Love Justin Bieber

Selena, you’ve definitely experienced both emotions during your two-and-a-half-year relationship with Justin Bieber. Your first several months with Justin were clearly nothing but bliss, and you two were as tight as any young and in love couple could be.

But then the strains of fame, travel and other girls tore you apart.

Nevertheless, Selena, you’ve decided in the past month that being together is still better than the pain of being apart, and Justin came to the same conclusion, multiple sources have told

Justin raced to your side when he heard that you had canceled the last leg of your tour, allegedly due to health issues. It was the moment he had been waiting for, to tell you that he was “lost” without you and that you were “the one.”

Justin Bieber Does Send Selena Gomez Sexy Pics & Sexts

No doubt, these were the words that you wanted and needed to hear.

And no one should judge you for allowing them to melt your heart. No one else knows Justin, 19, the way you know him.

Selena Gomez: You Know Justin Bieber Better Than Anyone

Selena, no one else is with you when you have your intimate, romantic time together. No one is with you when you share your most private thoughts.

No one else can know how it made you feel when Justin told you he “can’t live without” you, according to a source.

That’s why you have to just continue to make and stand by your own Justin relationship decisions.

We’ve learned that Justin did not send you any nasty texts, as it was reported by Radar Online. On the other hand, he does send you sexy texts, we’ve heard. You’ve decided to stand by him and give your relationship another chance. You’re taking it slow, according to our sources, but you and Justin are planning to spend more time together in the next few months, a source tells us EXCLUSIVELY.

That’s the right thing to do, Selena, if you love Justin and don’t want to fight your feelings.

And why should you fight them, anyway? You’re only 21. You should be with the guy you love, if you want to be. You’re entitled to. You’re an adult. We’ve heard from sources that some of your friends are not happy about your reunion with the Biebs and don’t want you to fall into the “Justin trap.”

Who cares what other people — even your friends and his critics — think about Justin and his antics and alleged problems lately? You’re in the best position to make your own judgment and go with your own decision.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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