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Victoria Beckham: “I Won’t Ever” Reunite With the Spice Girls Again

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rs_634x847-140121100818-634.vanity-fair-espana-victoria-beckham-cover-012114Friendship never ends, but the Spice Girls‘ run as a fivesome is over forever—at least according to Victoria Beckham.

In an interview with the February 2014 issue of Spain’s Vanity Fair, the designer formerly known as Posh Spice said that while she was “so proud” to reunite with the girl group at the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony, she “won’t ever do it again.”

“That was a perfect time to say, “That’s great. Thank you to everybody, but no more,'” she said. “Sometimes you’ve got to know when it’s time to leave the party.”

Fair enough, but never say never! Victoria, 39, recently told French Vogue that she realized the Spice Girls were “finished for good in 2008” on their final reunion tour date at New York City’s Madison Square Garden. “The other girls spent time relaxing in bed, shopping and in the gym before heading off to the sound check,” she said. “I arrived with three kids in tow in a really tight dress because I’d been in meetings all day…I just wanted to be elsewhere.”

But Victoria called her Olympic reunion with Mel B Mel C., Emma Bunton and Geri Haliwell  “an incredible honor.” And as she told Vanity Fair, that same feminist spirit from her pop star days is an influence on her work in the fashion world, too. “The Spice Girls were successful because we celebrated women,” she said. “That’s why I do what I do today.”

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