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Kris Jenner Enjoys Post-Separation Vacay As Kourtney & Scott Head To Therapy—See the Full KUWTK Recap!

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rs_500x280-140118230345-KUWTK_902_1After Sunday’s oh-so-dramatic premiere, it’s about time we enjoy some fun Kardashian moments!

Jonathan Cheban is finally back in town and BFF Kim Kardashian couldn’t be more excited.

But even with her enthusiasm, Kim wants to make a few things clear: She doesn’t want to eat out and she doesn’t want to visit the clubs. What a party pooper!

Enter Kris Jenner who sees this as the perfect opportunity to spend time with Kim’s bestie. All three decide to head to the mall for a “quick trip” to Hot Dog On A Stick. But while Kris and Jonathan munch on some grub, Kim decides to stay in the car in hopes of hiding from the paparazzi.

Unfortunately, the short trip goes a bit longer than expected as Kris and Jonathan ride on the Merry-Go-Round and plan a trip to Sonoma, Calif. Sorry Kim, you won’t be invited.

As a stronger friendship is born, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are headed to therapy in hopes of improving their relationship.

The therapist suggests a few activities Scott can participate in to keep busy. He ultimately decides on karate, which might just be his best decision, ever.

Khloé Kardashian continues to work through her relationship hurdles with Lamar Odom. After his dad, Joe Odom, talks bad about the Kardashian family in a surprise interview, Khloé is less than pleased.

“Take me through the mud but please don’t drag my family through it,” Khloé proclaims. Both Lamar and Joe apologize for the remarks soon after.

Kris and Jonathan finally hit the road for a weekend of rest, relaxation and bonding. After relaxing with some “hands on” massages, they meet up with Ben Flajnik—yes, The Bachelor‘s Ben Flajnik—for even more drinks.

“The best part of this day is Kim thinks we’re shopping,” Kris proclaims.

Sure enough, Kim finds out about the trip on Instagram after someone posts a photo. When the group comes home, the new mom is fired up!

“I just don’t understand why you guys would lie to me about where you were,” Kim says. “Don’t lie. I don’t have time for it!”

Don’t worry, dolls. It ends with a hug…rs_500x280-140118230346-KUWTK_902_2 rs_500x280-140118230347-KUWTK_902_3 rs_500x280-140118230347-KUWTK_902_4rs_500x280-140118230401-KUWTK_902_12 rs_500x280-140118230352-KUWTK_902_5 rs_500x280-140118230352-KUWTK_902_7rs_500x280-140118230353-KUWTK_902_8

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