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Justin Bieber: Cookie Jars Filled With Weed Found In House?

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bibIt is not looking good for Justin. After a report on Jan. 17 claimed that he is dangerously abusing substances, another report now alleges that when Los Angeles police raided Justin’s mansion on Jan. 14, they found a treasure trove of drugs.

Unfortunately, another report has been released alleging that Justin Bieber‘s partying has gotten out of control. When police raided Justin’s house on Jan. 14 to search for evidence in his egging case, they reportedly found something else — a huge stash of drugs.

Justin Bieber: Were Tons Of Drugs Found At His House?

Instead of seeing egg beaters strewn about the house, the first thing the L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies saw were two large cookie jars filled with marijuana in plain sight, according to TMZ. Nearby, there were reportedly also four to five empty bottles of codeine, the main ingredient in the drug sizzurp.

But that’s not all. There were allegedly also three bongs in the house — one in the TV room and two in the kitchen — as well as stray styrofoam cups, the choice container for sizzurp, and “swisher sweets” cigars.

Finally, Justin allegedly has an entire room in his house dedicated to smoking, TMZ reports, complete with hookah pipes.

However, reportedly none of these substances or paraphernalia were seized during the police raid because the deputies were there to search for evidence relating to the egging case. If they had touched anything unrelated to the case, they would have exceeded the scope of the search warrant and everything would be deemed inadmissible in court as a result.

Justin Bieber Allegedly Using Drugs?

However, the police did leave the raid with something — Justin’s best friend Lil Za. During the raid, Za was arrested and charged with alleged possession of narcotics. The police believe he had molly on him, a form of ecstasy.

A Jan. 17 report then claimed that Justin’s alleged drug use — specifically sizzurp use — has gotten so bad that his closest friends are urging him to go to rehab. And with these new reported details, it seems that those initial claims are closer to the truth than we hoped. Now, not only may Justin need to go to rehab, but he may also be in danger of the police obtaining another search warrant, one that does allow them to seize all of the alleged drugs in his house.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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