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Selena Gomez Knew About Justin Bieber’s Partying & Partied With Him

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gomeziiWith a new report alleging that Justin’s partying has gotten so out of control that he’s being urged to go to rehab, we assumed that this dark side of Justin’s life had been kept hidden from Selena. But as it turns out, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that she has firsthand knowledge of the situation!

Selena Gomez is always considered to be the person who saves Justin Bieber from himself. And for good reason — it’s no coincidence that Justin started acting out immediately after splitting up with Selena. But with a report claiming that Justin’s lifestyle has gotten out of control, a source tells exclusively that this time, Selena may be very aware of the problem.

Selena Gomez Partying With Justin Bieber

Selena’s always had a “don’t mess up” approach to being with Justin, so the assumption was thatshe would be infuriated by the claim that Justin is going overboard with his partying, as TMZreported. But she hasn’t been laying down the law on this one as much as you’d expect.

“She not only knows that Justin parties,” a source told exclusively, “but she has also done it with him on a few occasions. She is not innocent when it comes to this.”

Now Selena isn’t going buck wild like Justin allegedly is — the source says the times she has partied have been because of peer pressure and “to be closer to Justin” — but the insider insists that she’s been around Justin enough to judge whether or not he’s partying too much.

Selena Gomez: Blinded By Love?

The sad truth may be that Selena is losing her ability to temper Justin because she just loves him so much. “Selena is so in love with Justin that it has permanently clouded her judgment,” another source told exclusively after Justin egged his neighbor’s house on Jan. 9. “Her friends have already tried to speak to her again that he is bad news, and she isn’t listening to them at all.”

Hopefully Selena can snap out of it and see what’s really going on, especially if it’s as bad as the report claims. Selena needs to be Justin’s rock — he has enough friends to party with.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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