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Justin Bieber’s Graffiti: Is It A Sign Of Alleged Drug Abuse?

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biberA new report on Jan. 17 claimed that Justin has been dangerously abusing sizzurp among a handful of other drugs. The allegations are totally shocking, but one of Justin’s art projects from more than a month ago may have been a warning sign of the singer’s alleged bad habit.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Justin Bieber may have been revealing that he uses sizzurp. On the heels of a report alleging that Justin has a dangerous drug habit, a closer examination of one of his graffiti tags from a month ago may indicate that there were early warning signs.

Justin Bieber: Warning Signs Of His Alleged Drug Abuse?

The tag in question is a simple phrase and image that Justin spray-painted onto the skateboard half-pipe in his backyard in December: the words “Double Cup” with a styrofoam cup drawn next to it (see the pic here). The phrase is a slang for sizzurp that is used frequently in the hip-hop community. Rappers Juicy JFuture, and Ace Hood all have songs using the slang and singing about the drug.

Justin Bieber To Be Deported?

Justin tagging his ramp with the slang and the styrofoam cup, which is usually what users drink the codeine concoction out of, doesn’t guarantee that he uses sizzurp, but it does indicate that he is at least familiar with it.

And it certainly suggests that Justin’s perception of the drink isn’t nearly as serious as it should be.

Justin Bieber Allegedly Using Drugs

Justin’s alleged use of sizzurp has reportedly gotten so bad that his closest friends are urging him to go to rehab, TMZ reports. In addition to sizzurp, Justin has allegedly also been dabbling with prescription pills like Xanax, marijuana, and alcohol. reached out to Justin’s reps, who had no comment.

The report comes just days after Justin’s house was raided by the Los Angeles County Sheriffs, who were looking for evidence in Justin’s egg-throwing case. While in the singer’s house, police reportedly saw drugs out in the open — and Justin’s friend Lil Za was then arrested on alleged drug possession charges.

It definitely isn’t looking good for Justin, and if the report turns out to be true, we hope that Justin will go to rehab to seek help. What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Was Justin’s graffiti a warning sign?Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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