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Jennifer Lawrence: 6 Funny Faces She Made at the SAG Awards

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rs_634x1024-140118165744-634.jennifer-lawrence-sag-awards-011814At the 2014 SAG Awards, Jennifer Lawrence humorously talked about her “armpit vagina”and then took home the actor statue of the night, along with her American Hustle costars, for Best Cast in a Motion Picture.

It’s no surprise that J.Law, who looked radiant in a sequined Christian Dior strapless gown and Jennifer Meyer statement earrings, provided us with some great entertainment and yes, some fantastic funny faces.

Let’s take a look at the 23-year-old’s most humorous photographs from the star-studded show:

It’s almost as if J.Law is excitedly saying “Hello Lupita Nyong’o!” The 12 Years a Slavestarlet looks just as happy to see her fellow competitor on the red carpet, even if her reaction is a bit more subdued.

The SAG nominee and winner scrunches her nose and mouth, kind of making a sad but amusing expression, as she makes her way inside the Shrine Auditorium.

J.Law can’t help but have a little bit of fun in the press room. Natch. So why smile when you can open your mouth widely and wink?

Or make this sassy expression.

Cheesing wide and hard with her well-deserved SAG award.

Perhaps imitating the actor statue? Or maybe just signing a piece of paper as her usual self.

Next up for the undeniably witty J.Law—the Oscars!rs_1024x759-140119124029-1024.Jennifer-Lawrence-Lupita-SAG-Faces.jl.011914 rs_634x1024-140119124508-634.Jennifer-Lawrence-Crazy-Funny-Face-SAG.jl.011914 rs_634x1024-140119123148-634.Jennifer-Lawrence-Funny-Faces.jl.011914 rs_634x1024-140119124250-634.Jennifer-Lawrence-SAG-Crazy-Face.jl.011914 rs_634x1024-140119123515-634.Jennifer-Lawrence-SAG-Faces.jl.011914 rs_634x1024-140119123802-634.Jennifer-Lawrence-SAG-Face.jl.011914Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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