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Justin Bieber: The Sweet Things He Told Selena Gomez To Win Her Back

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selenaaNow that Justin and Selena are back together, we have to wonder what led to their long-awaited reunion. It turns out all Justin had to do was confess his true feelings for Sel! He was finally able to recapture Selena’s heart by telling the ‘Come & Get It’ singer that he ‘couldn’t live without her,’ a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

After reportedly hooking up with a slew of women over the past few months, Justin Bieber, 19, is back with his true love Selena Gomez, 21. And it’s all because the Canadian pop star finally said the words the brunette beauty longed to hear, including “she’s the one,” and “he’s been lost without her,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. How romantic!

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Dating Again — What He Said To Win Her Back

Justin has a second chance to make things work with Selena after their sad split in 2013. And we don’t blame her for reuniting with Justin after learning the sweet nothings he whispered in her ear!

“Justin won Selena back by saying that he couldn’t live without her, and that no one compared to her. He told her all these things like, ‘She’s the one,’ and ‘He’s been lost without her.’ She’s been wanting to hear these things from him for a long time,” a friend of Selena’s EXCLUSIVELY.

How sweet! We hope Justin’s actions will speak just as loud as his words.

Selena Gomez’s ‘Really Bad’ Justin Bieber Split Made Her More Confident

As previously reported,Selena opened up about her breakup with Justin in the new issue of Seventeen.

“Then I turned 20, went through a really bad breakup, and realized I needed to pick up everything,” Selena revealed. “I needed to have ‘Come & Get It’ be amazing. I wanted it all to be me. I was tired of feeling defeated. All this time, I was so pissed trying to figure out why I felt like such an underdog, and I finally realized I just wasn’t ready. I’m glad it’s taken me this long to get where I am because now I am ready for it.”

It seems like Selena is ready for a rekindled romance with Justin as well.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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