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Kylie Jenner Reveals Her High School Prom Date

Published on January 16, 2014 by   ·   No Comments Jenner certainly isn’t your typical high school student.

The 16-year-old teenager already has a clothing line, a jam-packed work schedule and a successful reality show.

But even with great success, Kylie still wants to attend prom with someone very special.

“I plan on making one of my friends take me to prom,” Kylie said Wednesday in a Google+ chat. “I feel like I need to go to one. I want to go to one of them.”

Joined by Kendall Jenner, the young sisters also discussed their fashion habits and how they always manage to look so fierce.

“I’m never purposely trying to dress for trends. It’s always in the moment,” Kendall said. “It’s a weird question for us because we’re very in the moment.”

When asked about her short new ‘do, Kylie thought the style was perfect timing. “I feel like short haircuts are really in and I’ve had long hair forever and I just wanted to chop it off and I don’t even miss it.”

Even if these two weren’t on TV, the Jenners’ love for fashion would likely help them in their careers.

“I really love doing my friend’s makeup so I would want to do makeup,” Kylie said.

Kendall added, “I’d definitely be going to college and maybe trying to do some modeling stuff.”

We have no doubt they would each do a fabulous
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