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Kendall Jenner Confronted About Dating Harry Styles

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1604492_633744036686094_1761473970_nMoments after Kendall sat down on ‘Chelsea Lately’ Jan. 15, Chelsea dove right in and asked if she’s dating Harry Styles. Kendall’s response is totally shocking and we want to know what you think.

Kendall Jenner was put on the defense by late-night host, Chelsea Handler. The star of Chelsea Lately, had both Kendall and Kylie Jenner on her show to promote the upcoming season of KUWTK, but she was more interested in Kendall’s love life!

Kendall Jenner Confronted About Harry Styles By Chelsea Handler

The reality star had to have known that she would be asked about Harry, and we’re shocked she didn’t have a better answer! She just sat there like a bump on a log and didn’t say a word!

This was Kendall’s chance to tell the world about her romance with Harry. We totally understand that she wanted to keep her relationship private but she could have teased us a bit more than that!

Kendall & Harry Show Tons Of PDA

The couple were on a ski trip and they were spotted in a hot tub together.
According to a new report, Harry was rubbing Kendall’s back and they looked so happy together.

“They skied together every day and partied with their friends in their posh private house in the evenings,” a source told Heat magazine. ”At first, Kendall and Harry were shy around each other, but they held hands after skiing and later in the hot tub he was rubbing her back and neck.”
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