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Chris Brown’s Advice To Justin Bieber: Hold On To Selena Gomez

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krisChris Brown knows that when you’re in trouble, surrounding yourself with those who love you is extremely important — and he wants to send that message to Justin, a source exclusively told

Chris Brown has a few words of advice for his “brother,” Justin Bieber. While police are investigating him for possibly egging his neighbor’s house, it’s extremely important that he keeps his love, Selena Gomez close by for support. “He flat out told Justin that Selena’s a keeper,” a source close to Chris told HollywoodLife.comexclusively.

Chris Brown’s Advice To Justin Bieber

While Chris has been in rehab, he’s been one hundred percent leaning on his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran — and he thinks that Justin should do the same.

Justin Bieber Detained

“[Chris] is able to love and he’s more thankful for Karrueche because she’s the real deal; she’s down for him and loves him through all his turn ups and turn downs,” a source close to the “Fine China” singer

“He knows Justin has Selena and she’s in the biz, and he told him months ago to keep her,” the friend added. “He flat out told Justin that Selena is a keeper. He told the little homie not to be like him and stop bullsh–ting with her. He told this man they belong together.”

Selena Is Putting Justin First

After Justin’s house was searched for a connection to his neighbor’s house being egged, Selena is standing by him — and even putting him in front of his health.

“Selena has been told repeatedly to avoid stress at all costs when it comes to her overall health,” a friend of Selena’s told exclusively.

“Lupus is triggered by stress and anxiety, and right now Selena is completely stressed about Justin and this whole egging nightmare,” the source continued. “She’s worried sick about him, but at the same time won’t leave him. She’s basically picking Justin over her own well-being.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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