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Taylor Swift & Jared Leto: Truth Behind Their Relationship Revealed

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tylerAfter taking a super cute pic together at a Golden Globe after party, some thought Jared and Taylor could be the next hot item. But is there any truth to that rumor?

Taylor Swift likes musicians and isn’t afraid to be open about it — but does that mean there’s a relationship brewing between she and Jared Leto? After theymingled at the Instyle Golden Globe After Party, a source close to the Red singer revealed what was really going on exclusively to

Jared Leto & Taylor Swift Not Dating

“They were friendly talking to each other about music and Jared’s Globe win but between them it is as far from romantic as humanely possible,” the source told us. Well that’s a bummer since we thought they totally could have hit it off .  . . and wouldn’t mind hearing a duet.

Taylor Swift Wins Best Dressed

“She thinks he is hot but they aren’t going to start anything. It was strictly platonic,” the source added.

The two were seen chatting at the after party, then they snapped a photo together and Jared shared it on his Instagram.

Jared Wins Big At Globes

Regardless of his chemistry with Taylor, we know the Hollywood Foreign Press completely loved him. He took home the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in Dallas Buyers Club.

He wasn’t expected to win, either.

“I obviously didn’t prepare a speech,” he toldRefinery29 afterward. “You know, I have always been a bit of an outsider, and I don’t think that changes after today. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, either. My character in Dallas Buyers Club, Rayon, was an outsider, and that’s an okay place to be. I’m just very thankful and very, very grateful. It’s funny, though; I was really moved when I was up there on stage — just blown away, really blown away.”

Jared brought his brother Shannon Leto as his date to the show and they shared an adorable bro moment when he won. He posted this pic:Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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