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Justin Bieber Gets ‘Love’ Tattoo — Is It About Selena Gomez?

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selenaTwo tattoos — in two days! Looks like the Biebs has been a busy boy. The 19-year-old singer debuted his newest tat of a joker with the word love on Instagram on Jan. 13. What are you trying to tell us Justin? Or better yet — what are you trying to tell Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber has been showing some skin on his Instagram on Jan. 12 and Jan. 13. Between the compass on his tricep, posted on Jan. 12, and the court-style jester face on his forearm that says “love” on Jan. 13, what’s with all the fresh ink, Justin? He may not be a knight in shinning armor — but do you think this is a gesture toSelena Gomez? Although they were broken up for a while, now that they are back together…who knows what to expect! Read below to uncover the meaning behind Bieb’s new tats.

Justin Bieber’s Tattoo — Love For Selena Gomez?

Is it a coincidence that Justin got his love tattoo right around the time him and Selena got back together? Or is the real coincidence that it is right next to a joker…could his love for Selena just be a joke? The two sure seemed smitten on Jan. 4 when they were cozied up in Chris Brown‘s $2 million RV, which they called “camping.”

An Egg-celent Incident

We know Justin loves to pull a good prank. The “jokester” allegedly threw eggs at a neighbor’s home causing $20,000 in damage. TMZ reported on Jan. 14 that: “police are detaining Bieber in his garage while they enter his home with a felony search warrant. They are looking for any evidence that might implicate him in the egg-throwing incident, including video from his own security cameras and more eggs that could be connected to the broken ones outside.”

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