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Kristen Stewart’s Library Day: Staying Busy Without Robert Pattinson

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robertWith R-Patz too swamped to visit her, how has Kristen stayed busy? By burying her nose in a few books! The actress hit up the Beverly Hills library on Jan. 11, and got all the EXCLUSIVE details.

Nothing like a few good books and magazines to take your mind off something. Kristen Stewart got her nerd on on Jan. 11, heading to the local library in Beverly Hills with one of her good friends.

Kristen Stewart’s Trip To The Library

Decked out in the perfect gear for a library trip — jeans, t-shirt, thick-rimmed glasses — Kristen had a nice, quiet Saturday afternoon. And though she did leave the library with a few books, an eyewitness suggests to exclusively that the actress was taking care of some travel preparations too.

“Kristen was carrying around a photocopy of her passport and a couple of books,” the eyewitness says. She and her friend then hit up a nearby newsstand afterwards. And though the library trip was likely meant to be somewhat therapeutic and distracting, the eyewitness claims that K-Stew’s mind appeared to be elsewhere.

“Kristen was checking her cell phone and seemed kind of preoccupied with her cell.”

Kristen Stewart Missing Robert Pattinson

Well, she may still be concerned with her and Robert Pattinson‘s missed connections lifestyle as of late. The actor spent the month away from Kristen in London, visiting family and preparing to film his next movie. And when he had some free time, he headed to New York City instead of Los Angeles — which was obviously aletdown for K-Stew.

“Of course Kristen was disappointed with his decision,” another source told exclusively, “but she’s been nothing but supportive and understanding. She realizes how important family is to him.”

Don’t worry, K-Stew, just take out the Game of Thrones books from the library and before you know it — Rob will be back!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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