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Selena Gomez Still In Love With Justin Bieber After Egg-Throwing Incident

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justin-bieber-selena-gomez-instagramSelena Gomez has already proven that she’s willing to stand by Justin Bieber through thick and thin, so it comes as no real surprise that Selena has decided to stay with Justin even after he was accused of egging his neighbor’s house on Jan. 9. Find out the EXCLUSIVE details on Selena’s stance below!

Justin Bieber, 19, ran into some trouble on Jan. 9 when the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department was called to his house after he threw some eggs at his has learned EXCLUSIVELY that Justin’s on-again girlfriendSelena Gomez, 21, plans to stand by him despite the embarrassing gaffe.

Justin Bieber ‘Permanently Clouded’ Selena’s Judgment

Justin & Selena Sexy Secret Vacation

Many fans were shocked when Selena took Justin back after the wild year he’s had, and a source close to the couple that Selena’s friends feel the same way!

“Selena is so in love with Justin that it has permanently clouded her judgement,” the source says. “Her friends have already tried to speak to her again that he is bad news, and she isn’t listening to them at all. They love Selena, but they are about to give up and let her deal with more misery. She is going to learn too late, and she is going to allow his behavior to continue to not affect their relationship.”

Yikes! Hopefully Justin will stop acting out soon; we would hate to see Selena losing friends!

Justin Bieber Eggs Neighbor’s House

The incident went down in Justin’s Calabasas, Calif home on Jan. 9, according to TMZ. Justin’s neighbor heard a banging against his house, and quickly saw that it was Justin throwing eggs. Around 7:30 PM, his neighbor reportedly went out to his balcony and saw Justin on the ground throwing eggs — the singer then aimed at him and kept throwing.

Then Justin and his neighbor allegedly got into a verbal dispute, and Justin threw a few more eggs before going inside. The neighbor called the police immediately after, and the police confirmed toTMZ that they did answer the call and took down an incident report. However, it’s not yet known if they spoke with Justin.

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