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Kris Jenner: Don’t Force Kendall & Kylie Jenner To Date For Fame

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jenerKris — you need to butt out of your younger daughters’ love lives. If you teach them to see love relationships as career builders it’s sending a destructive life message.

Kris Jenner — you need to take a chill pill and remember that you’re a “mother” first and not primarily a reality TV “momager.” You’ve decided that your two youngest daughters, Kendall Jenner, 18, and Kylie Jenner, 16, should only date guys who will boost their stardom, according to a source.

Kendall Jenner & Kylie Jenner Dating For Fame — Kris Jenner: Don’t Force Them

To date one of the Jenner sisters, a guy needs  ”to be famous and in the current limelight,” a source close to the family has told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. Potential dates need to “meet up with Kris Jenner and she must give her 100 percent blessing,” adds the source. “Anyone that is about to date them must provide something more than just compatibility emotionally.”


Kris — it’s hard enough for teenage girls to find a “nice” guy to date and get close to — let alone only date young men who will boost their celebrity status. If this is what you’re doing, it’s so wrong, on so many levels. Love and dating relationships for teen girls — or for anyone, for that matter — are not about hiking ratings for a reality show. They’re about growing up emotionally, learning how to share thoughts, feelings and experiences. They’re about really coming to understand what you will need in an eventual life partner.

Furthermore, if you tell your daughters to only date guys rated high in the fame game it ignores their emotional needs.

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It’s normal for teenage girls to feel lonely and insecure. Finding a boyfriend who they can truly be friends with is an important and necessary life experience.

Just because someone like Harry Styles or Jaden Smith gets headlines and could potentially make a highly anticipated appearance on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, doesn’t mean they’ll actually make Kendall or Kylie feel good about themselves inside.

In fact, dating guys just for show can be an ego killer — not booster.

Kris Jenner: Don’t Make Your Daughters Date For Celebrity Status 

Kris, are you absolutely sure that your daughters aren’t feeling empty inside? Is Kendall wondering if Harry even likes her for herself, or just for her own celebrity bankability?

Kris, when your girls lie in bed at night, do they feel good about themselves and their relationships, or are they torn because they want to please you but they can’t please themselves?

You have to see that status dating is no doubt putting Kendall and Kylie under a huge amount of pressure because you’re supposedly seeing them as “the future of the Kardashian paychecks,” according to our source.

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner were initially set up on a date as a publicity stunt, claims another source, in order to get the attention that the Kardashians thrive on. ”It’s all about the Kardashian brand and Kendall and Kylie have bought into it and use relationships as career builders more than anything else,” says the source.

Kris, that’s so sad. If you’ve truly trained your daughters to look at romances this way, they are going to have a terrible time EVER having normal romantic relationships. Will they EVER be able to experience real love, once they’ve learned that the “right” love relationships are those that are perfect for publicity?

Supposedly, your view of Kendall and Kylie’s love lives was a key issue in your marital problems with Bruce. “Bruce wanted them to have a more normal life but he is outnumbered and they want to be like Kim and will do anything Kris says to make it happen,” our source says.

Kris, if this is true, you have already paid the price of putting fame ahead of holding your family together. But at least you’re an adult who’s entitled to make your own decisions about your own romantic life.

But you’re also an important role model to your teen daughters, and that’s why you have to rethink your stance on their dates. Let them like the guys who they meet and just happen to like, regardless of whether the guys can contribute to the Kardashian franchise.

Let them have normal emotions, dates and romances. If you don’t, your girls will come to regret having their real emotional lives denied, and they’ll resent you.

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