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Justin Bieber Facing Jail For Egging Neighbor’s House?

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biberIt may have seemed like a silly prank at the time, but it definitely doesn’t now. A new report claims that the authorities are not overlooking Justin’s neighborly egging, and that if they have their way, the troublemaking singer will be charged with a felony.

This isn’t the first time Justin Bieber has been Public Enemy No. 1 in his Calabasas neighborhood — there was the speeding, the alleged spitting, the battery allegations — but after the singer was allegedly caught on video egging his neighbor’s house on Jan. 9, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department believes that they finally have a legitimate chance to take Justin down.

Justin Bieber: Facing A Felony After Egging?

The authorities are actually hoping to charge Justin with a felony, according to TMZ. After the egging incident on Jan. 9, two detectives met with Justin’s neighbor and urged him to get estimates on the damage the prank caused.

The police are reportedly sure that with video evidence of the egg onslaught, and proof that it caused extensive damage, they would be able to nail Justin. In California, if an act of vandalism causes over $400 in damage, it is considered a felony, according to TMZ. And because Justin chose to egg a house with expensive Venetian plaster work, the damage from his prank could reportedly total up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Justin has evaded the wrath of the LA County Sheriffs before, and that’s why they’re reportedly so keen on gunning for him this time. Now that he’s in their sights, they do not want to let him get loose. The case will reportedly be presented to the District Attorney within the week.

Justin Bieber’s Latest Neighborhood Dispute

At around 7:30 on Jan. 9, the neighbor allegedly heard a banging on his house and, after stepping out onto a second-floor balcony, saw that Justin was throwing eggs.

In video obtained by TMZ, the neighbor and a person who sounds like Justin can then be heard having a heated verbal argument, before a few more eggs are hurled. Police were called immediately after the confrontation.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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