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Harry Styles: How He’s Beginning To Plan A Future With Kendall Jenner

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harryyyyHarry is so head over heels for Kendall that he’s already started planning a series of romantic dates for them to go on in the New Year. The 1D hottie even wants to spoil Kendall by doing all of her favorite activities with her — including horseback riding. How sweet!

It sounds like Harry Styles would do just about anything to make Kendall Jenner happy! These two stars have quickly become so inseparable that Harry’s bandmates are worried that Kendall is becoming a “huge distraction” for the One Direction frontman. Apparently they’re forgetting how exhilarating the beginning of a relationship can be!

Kendall Jenner & Harry Styles Serious Relationship — His Plans For Their Future

It’s safe to say that Harry and Kendall’s relationship has evolved way beyond their set-up. And now even wild horses couldn’t keep Harry, 19, away from his new love!

Harry Styles’ Sexiest Girlfriends

“He asked Kendall what she’d most like to do when he was back in America and she said horse riding,” a source tells Heat. “She told him she adores horses and has been riding for 10 years, and if she wasn’t so busy with her fashion career she’d be riding all the time. Harry’s really keen on Kendall, so is planning a series of activity dates in 2014.”

Harry and Kendall, 18, seem so happy together — but not everyone is pleased about their budding romance.

“Harry has told his management team as well as his band members that he thinks he’s in love with Kendall. Obviously they are terrified,” a source tells Hollyscoop. “His mangement think that she is a huge distraction and are very concerned without the amount of time he’s been spending with her. They want him to focus on the music right now because he’s so big, and have told him not to get too serious with Kendall.”

Don’t worry, Kendall, we don’t think that’s going to stop Harry from seeing you.

“Harry is seeing stars and thinks that she is the hottest girl in the universe,” the source adds.

Harry Styles Had To Pass Kris Jenner’s Test to Date Kendall Jenner

Harry and Kendall’s future together looks brighter than ever, especially now that he’s officially earned the Kris Jenner stamp of approval.

“To date one of the Jenner sisters you have to meet up with Kris Jenner, and she must give her 100 percent blessing,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “She wants major success for Kylie and Kendall because they are the future of the Kardashian paychecks. And where most guys meet the parents of a girl they date eventually, it’s normal protocol in the Kardashian household that anyone that is about to date them must provide something more than just compatibility emotionally… They need to be famous and in the current limelight. They must be a big deal to get the sisters the media they thrive on and that is why the Harry Styles was a set-up at first.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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