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Drake & Taylor Swift: Does He Want To Date Her? New Evidence

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tayA fan posted a picture on Instagram, suggesting that Taylor & Drake should date — and Drake liked it!

Taylor Swift has dated some of the finest men in music, Joe Jonas and Harry Styles to name just a few. But is it possible she’ll soon be calling Drake her new boyfriend? A new photo, posted to Instagram on Jan. 7, is getting both Taylor and Drake’s fans totally up in arms.

Instagram user alicia_olivier7 posted a meme of Drake and Taylor, which read: “IMAGINE IF DRAKE AND TAYLOR WERE IN A RELATIONSHIP AND THEN BROKE UP.”

The user may have been joking, but her picture got a very real response — from Drake, himself! Using his official Instagram account, @ChampagnePapi, the former Degrassi star gave the picture a double-click, signifying that he liked it.

Drake & Taylor Swift: 3 Reasons They Should Date

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So the question remains: Should Drake date Taylor? Here are a few reasons we’re not-so-secretly shipping Draylor:

1. Drake is age appropriate. At 27, Drake is only three years older than 24-year-old Taylor, which means he’s more mature than her previous, younger boyfriends, but not too experienced, like some of her much-older boyfriends.

2. Drake is a gentlemen. The first thing any Drake fan will tell you is how much he respects women. His lyrics are all about pleasing females, and he’s developed a reputation for being very smooth and gentlemanly.

3. Drake loves sweaters. Hear us out on this one: Taylor loves to goof around — she recently called her own award-show dancing “lame” — and hang out with her cat, Meredith. Given Drake’s penchant for snuggling up in a giant Bill Cosby-style sweater, we think they’d look awfully cozy together.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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