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Selena Gomez Staying With Justin Bieber Despite What Friends Say

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justinJelena is officially back on! We’re thrilled that Selena has given Justin another chance but not everyone in her life is happy with her choice. Fortunately the headstrong beauty isn’t going to let anyone stand in the way of her rekindled romance, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Justin Bieber has managed to convince Selena Gomez to “Believe” in him again! And even though she knows her friends “might think she’s making a huge mistake,” she plans to follow her heart instead of listening to the haters, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. Good for her!

Selena Gomez Wants To Be With Justin Bieber Despite Disapproving Friends

You can’t please everyone, so Selena has decided to make herself happy. Now that she and Justin are planning to go public with their relationship, she knows she will have to face a lot of people in her life who won’t agree with her decision. But in spite of the likely backlash, Selena plans to dive headfirst into the relationship, a source reveals EXCLUSIVELY

Selena and Justin are officially back together. She wouldn’t be having sleepovers with him if it wasn’t a monogamous relationship — that’s just not her style. But they won’t be making any big announcements. Selena knows everyone is going to have an opinion about it and she doesn’t want that to get in their way. Selena never stopped loving Justin so even though a lot of people might think she’s making a huge mistake, she doesn’t care. Being with him makes her happy so that’s what she’s going to do.

It can’t be easy for Selena to disregard her friends’ advice, especially when they’ve been so supportive of her. But if they’re truly her friends, they’ll understand that she needs to follow her own path and accept that she’s ready to make things work with Justin.

Taylor Swift Hates Justin Bieber — Why She Won’t Support Jelena’s Reunion

It’s no secret that Selena’s BFF Taylor Swift is not a Belieber. The Red singer made her feelings about Justin clear when she stuck out her tongue upon seeing Selena kiss the “Boyfriend” singer backstage at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards on May 19.

“[Taylor] hates Justin and wants Selena to have nothing to do with him,” a source close to the situation told EXCLUSIVELY.

We can’t exactly blame Taylor holding a grudge against Justin after everything he put her best friend through. But we hope that her distaste for the Biebs won’t hurt her friendship with Selena!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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